Bluefish a web editor also for NomadBSD

Hi guys, a little news for those interested.
My NomadBSD employment is related to producing articles for my website. On my Linux systems I use Bluefish, a non-WYSIWYG html editor. This software is also available in BSD and works perfectly. It handles CSS and HTML 5, but you need to know HTML and CSS syntax.
You can install it via OctoPkg
I hope you find it useful.

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I’ve used Bluefish for years, not bad at all, but then switched to Geany. If you prefer easy on the eyes dark themes, you’ll prefer Geany over Bluefish. To get the dark themes install the geany-themes package.

Thanks a lot, but i prefer the facilities inside Bluefish. I use Geany for text file only.
Thanks :slight_smile: