Auto detections bumps on new NomadBSD 4

Hey people, Nomad is great!


For some reason graphics cards detection (drm detection) goes into into a endless loop when I put the usb stick into another machine then the machine I did the initial setup on.
Is the graphic card of the original macine stored in the config?
This seems the case with older machines where the detection should pick up vsa or compartible graphics…

Hi @UniXstyle,

are you using the i386 or amd64 image? Do you mean the system tries to detect the graphics card, reboots and tries again?

The configuration is stored, but if it doesn’t match the current system’s configuration, it is recalculated and the autodetection is running again.

32 bit realy, does that flinstone thing still exist? :stuck_out_tongue:
The boot is fine even drm gets detected fine but when it tries to start X windows it goes into an infenant detection loop

This is strange. There is nothing in the auto-detection script that could produce an endless loop. Could you take a short video from your monitor using your smartphone?

I could make a video but discribing it is faster, a flashing black screen and that is all :frowning:

What kind of graphics card or IGPU is installed in your system?

In the original initiate system an intel card and a nvidia card. The old laptop I tried it on no idea it was some crapy old thing that use to run linux.
The thing is AFIK the system should be booting on any hardware.
It is also good to notice that the previous version of NormadBSD did boot on the old hardware laptop!

Could you please boot into single-user mode, and tell me what pciconf -lv | grep -B 3 display says?