Anybody using Onedrive with NomadBSD?

I am thinking of installing either a webdav client or a OSS onedrive client to my NomadBSD stick. Are any of you using either of these? Any advice would be much appreciated, on which would be the better bet? Thanks for your help!

I have tested rClone RC Web GUI — it works on //localhost:5572/ with Onedrive, Opendrive, Owncloud, Nextcloud, many other storage providers, and WebDAV, SFTP protocols, etc. Octopkg also knows rClone Browser app.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll try this out!

RClone v1.57.0 just released with a well-written HTML manual. Since this manual is local, I uploaded it online as well. Rclone Browser recognizes the new version and works smoothly, too.


Amazing! I have been using a great service called Webdrive to just do that in windows and was thinking that there was nothing similar in FreeBSD. It looks as though Rclone is actually able to mount many cloud services as a remote drive, and not only that copy directly from one cloud service to another whenever that is technically possible. That really is quite something. Thanks for the heads up.