ALPS Touchpad Configuration


New user and have just successfully installed onto a Dell Latitude D630 laptop and it’s working well.
The only issue I have is the touchpad “double click” is assigned to the back button on a browser so anything where this would be effective it triggers very easily.
For example if I was to move the mouse from the right to the left of the screen it would take too “swipes” and occasionally that triggers a double click and performs a back button action. This is the third attempt at writing this post as I keep catching the touchpad with my hand while typing!
Is there a way to alter the sensitivity at all or disable the touchpad click??



Found the solution!

I added the following line into rc.conf

moused_flags="-m 1=4"

Which has mapped button 4 (the tap click) to the left button so it’s all working as it should be now :slight_smile:



Thank you for posting your solution!

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After installing NomadBSD on the hard drive of an old Dell Latitude D530, I decided to try FreeBSD and install the GNOME desktop environment. Certainly not the best choice of desktop environments, but my purpose is to get familiar with FreeBSD and it’s inner workings.

So, I was happy to find that the task was not very hard. I have been using Debian for years and really like it. But I find that I’m really liking FreeBSD, and NomadBSD. Not just the mechanics of the operating system, but the philosophy and community behind it.

Anyway, I’ve been spending most of the time at the command line learning how BSD systems work. Now that I’ve begun to use the desktop system I discovered a problem with the touchpad on the Dell Latitude D530. Then I remembered this thread! Sure enough, your solution solved the same problem on my D530.

A special thank you! My touchpad is behaving much better now!