Adding file associations

Does anyone know how to add file associations to the system? I have some files that Nomad doesn’t seem to associate with specific programs. Is there a configuration file or something similar that I can edit to get specific file types to open with specific programs?


is this what you are looking for?

> man xdg-mime

or explained by vermaden:
FreeBSD Desktop – Part 24 – Configuration – Universal File Opener

Yeah, something similar to that. I wasn’t sure if there was something built in to FreeBSD that handles associations. Like I do a lot of development. When I go to open a .cpp source file it always wants to open in Leafpad.

Thunar file manager does not that for you? Right-click (or context-menu key of a keyboard) an icon of your file » Open with… » Open with another app… » Make the app default for these file extension.

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been working constantly and finally got to get back to my computer. Going to catch up on this thread and try the suggestions. Thank you.