About Virtualbox (NomadBSD 1.4) guest)

Hi, this is just to mention -if case applies to someone else experience- that Virtualbox can boot my NomadBSD USB Live , but won’t boot the NomadBSD full installed USB, because cannot detect a valid graphic configuration (my hardware is dual Intel HD 5500 + AMD Radeon M330).

To better explain, I have those two way installed NomadBSD each on an USB pendrive, which both load the graphic enviroment when used as real hardware, meaning connected to the usb plug and executed as external drive.

Apart that , I have a Virtualbox installation on my main disk running Windows 10, and have configured that to run installed/bootable systems from an external volume (when plugged) as if it was a virtual disk.

This is successful also with other USB system installation like Ubuntu, and it use to be same successful with NomadBSD 1.3.2 both cases of configuration Live / Full.

The only odditiy with NomadBSD 1.4, repeat, it that the full installed one cannot find a graphic system for booting into the desktop.
Maybe someone knows why…
Thank you

Hi @mauro,

if you install NomadBSD, the system is configured to use the current graphics card only. You can work around this by enabling the automatic graphics driver detection on your NomadBSD installation:

# rm -f /var/initgfx_config.id
# sysrc kld_list-="/boot/modules/NAME_OF_THE_GRAPHICS_DRIVER"
# sysrc initgfx_enable=YES 

However, this will not work if the system you are connecting your HDD to has a Nvidia card, because the NomadBSD installer deletes the Nvidia drivers under /usr/local/nvidia. But you can copy them from your NomadBSD live system to your installation.

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Right, that was what needed, thank you!
No Nvidia card in my case.
It has been sufficient applying line #1 and line #3 commands in Sakura, overriding the #2 because haven’t found the exact gpu model name-definition of my card in /boot/modules/. Maybe there was a command to find it out