130R and VBox Guest Additions: attempting shared folder access makes virtual machine reboot on Ubuntu host

Hi, the issue is described in the subject.
It still works well in a VirtualBox machine under Windows host; but when this task is performed under Linux Ubuntu host, the machine reboots (tested on Virtualbox 6.1.18 and above).
While no problem in NomadBSD 1.4, it was working well in both hosting.
The issue comes from the Freebsd 13 release, I can tell it because started using the new FreeBSD distribution some days before the NomadBSD 130R release and have noticed this, which also became a ticket in bugzilla currently open.
I write this in case someone else is facing same situation: seems to be a conflict between Freebsd 13 kernel and the latest version of virtualbox-ose-additions.
Hope it will be fixed

Good to let you know that the issue is solved.
Need to upgrade the virtualbox-ose-additions package at its latest version.
Following a thread that I opened on the FreeBSD Forum, a very constant and clever volunteer -Martin- has found a bug in the virtualbox additions script, and he introduced a patch.

Just checked on Ubuntu 20.04 hosting, it is working for me now

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