WiFi not working when installed to Hard Drive but worked ok on USB Boot Drive

Hi there, hoping someone can shed light on my WiFI issue. I downloaded the NormadBSD image and burned it to a USB stick using etcher. My Thinkpad X220 booted up great with it. Everything seems to work great, including the wifi. However, when I decided to take the plunge and install it on the hard drive, all seemed to work exactly the same, except the WiFI. I can see the WiFI list of networks, but, when I pick my wifi network, it didn’t ask for a password this time. I can see the wifi light on the laptop flashing away, but it’s not connecting. If it’s an issue with the wifi card in the x220, what wifi dongle would people recommend?

Thanks, Marcel.

You have to install wifimgr.

Hi @marcelb3,

you can remove /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf, which contains the saved hot spots and their passwords. You can then (after a reboot) re-add your wifi network.

Thanks Guys :smiley: :+1: