Welcome to the NomadBSD forum

This is the first post in our new forum. We welcome all of you to talk and discuss about NomadBSD.

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Congratulations Lars!

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Nice…DOH! Not first :slight_smile: Let’s create an active community here…

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Kudos for you all devs for creating this portable freeBSD system :slight_smile:

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keep up the good work guys, I´ll be waiting for the hd installation option

I’m a NUB when it comes to BSD & Nomad so I’m curious as to your waiting for HD instructions? I started yesterday from scratch and after 12 or more downloads and USB stick reloads I did manage to get a 1.3.1 running. But it was SLOW SLOW SLOW mostly due to USB stick performance. So I did see an HD install instruction in the manual and I am now running off a 1TB Seagate 7500 hard drive. Much faster!

Whoo Hoo I just decided to try NomadBSD and a forum appears! Perfect timing!

Love the operating system and I really like this forum’s format.

Keep up the good work!

I had tried 1.3.0 on a 14 y.o. Core2 duo laptop with generic graphics and it ran great. I tried getting into the command line and got a bit intimidated. I have just downloaded 1.3.1 and tried it on four different machines and found it happiest on a 10 y.o. iMac, in fact it is swift! Second is the Core 2 Old Reliable and an 6 y.o. i5 laptop (once I understood it needed a specific GOP setting). It is not happy yet on a new i7, with nVidia graphics, nor will it find the wifi on it.

The staff have been great. Kudos to them for what is a great way to enter the world of FreeBSD! Thank you! Now to see what comes next.