Welcome to the NomadBSD forum

This is the first post in our new forum. We welcome all of you to talk and discuss about NomadBSD.


Congratulations Lars!


Nice…DOH! Not first :slight_smile: Let’s create an active community here…

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Kudos for you all devs for creating this portable freeBSD system :slight_smile:


keep up the good work guys, I´ll be waiting for the hd installation option

I’m a NUB when it comes to BSD & Nomad so I’m curious as to your waiting for HD instructions? I started yesterday from scratch and after 12 or more downloads and USB stick reloads I did manage to get a 1.3.1 running. But it was SLOW SLOW SLOW mostly due to USB stick performance. So I did see an HD install instruction in the manual and I am now running off a 1TB Seagate 7500 hard drive. Much faster!

Whoo Hoo I just decided to try NomadBSD and a forum appears! Perfect timing!

Love the operating system and I really like this forum’s format.

Keep up the good work!

I had tried 1.3.0 on a 14 y.o. Core2 duo laptop with generic graphics and it ran great. I tried getting into the command line and got a bit intimidated. I have just downloaded 1.3.1 and tried it on four different machines and found it happiest on a 10 y.o. iMac, in fact it is swift! Second is the Core 2 Old Reliable and an 6 y.o. i5 laptop (once I understood it needed a specific GOP setting). It is not happy yet on a new i7, with nVidia graphics, nor will it find the wifi on it.

The staff have been great. Kudos to them for what is a great way to enter the world of FreeBSD! Thank you! Now to see what comes next.


I have an old Toshiba Satellie L7750 with an AMD A8 processor on which I’ve been running Windows 10 for stuff like programming my Logitech universal remote controls. I have been running Debian on every other computer I have for the past six years. I have tried several times to get Debian to work on it without satisfactory results. It runs beautifully on NomadBSD.

I think it is time to install NomadBSD instead of Windows on that pesky old machine. (I can take my Logitech remotes to work and use a Windows machine to program them, If I need to.)

Using NomadBSD has also gotten me curious about FreeBSD. So, My old Dell Latitude D530 now has FreeBSD running on it with (Don’t laugh) the GNOME desktop environment.

I am really loving NomadBSD! Keep up the great work!

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As I use Nomad more, I have found it happiest on the oldest hardware. Mouse gestures, wifi, graphics, etc, work. As the hardware becomes newer, in every instance there has been some “glitch” that occurs.

Yes, FreeBSD / NomadBSD like older hardware. On bleeding edge hardware things may not work.

I use FreeBSD about some months and Linux for more than 20 years now. I love FreeBSD because of the stability and the “real” Unix style.
NomadBSD is great and important. It comes with a very modern desktop style and runs with Openbox very fast.
I use a 1 year old laptop, the ASUS TUF Gaming 705GM, with 8GB RAM and 2 graphics devices (Intel and Nvidia).
After a first test with an USB device I installed NomadBSD on an USB SSD drive (500GB). Actually I’m running all updates and look around a bit. Wireless card does not work, but I just use an USB Wireless stick and all is fine. The driver for my Intel AC9560 shall come with FreeBSD 13.
Next I will try to get both graphics adapter working.
In summary I’m very happy with my Asus 705GM and NomadBSD. This is exactly what I was searching for. A stable and adult system with modern desktop for daily use. Thanks to the devs!