SOLVED - Network file sharing issue

So, here’s the issue:

On my USB NomadBSD install, things work like they should and I can see the network shares - smb, nfs, sftp, etc in PCmanFM. After installing NomadBSD from the USB to the laptop’s SSD, everything still worked exactly the same way. Then I did a pkg update/upgrade. 25 packages upgraded. Now I don’t see any of the shares except for the “Windows Network” icon, which will not mount the smb shares.

This is on the Nomad 13.0 version, no upgrade to FreeBSD13.1-RELEASE. Once I upgrade to FBSD13.1 I see no shares at all, but get “Not Supported.”

I have re-installed NomadBSD from the USB to the SSD three times now and have gotten the same results.

Hardware: Dell Inspiron 15 2-in-1 7569, i5 6200U , 16M ram, 1T m.2 Sata SSD, FreeBSD13.0-RELEASE

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Ok. After four complete re-installations to the SSD from the USB, I finally have everything installed, updated, upgraded to 13.1-RELEASE, and everything is working. I still don’t know why I had the issue above, but everything is working now. It took me awhile to figure out the right configuration for Samba4 to get everything talking together: my FreeBSD NAS, my 2015 Apple Airport Extreme, my Arch Linux desktop, my NomadBSD laptop, my 2014 Macbook Pro laptop, and my wife’s 2021 Macbook Air.

As of today, everything has access to the appropriate Samba shares and I can backup all my computers in three different locations. I have set everything up on Samba, rather than going with several different protocols (nfs, afp, sftp) to simplify matters. That was a chore for me, but a great learning experience. I still have a couple minor permissions issues to work through, but at least everything is communicating.

Now, if I can keep from screwing things up again!

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