Rolling Release pkg upgrade problem

I decided to try the nomadbsd rolling release nomadbsd-rr130c190919.img

I was able to install it with more difficulty than with the main FreeBSD12 based OS. When I logged in, I found I could not install software because the cached files did not match the updated repository, so I forced the repository to update:

sudo pkg update -f

This caused the OS to update it’s cache. New software installations became possible because the file versions matched. When I ran:

sudo pkg upgrade

It downloaded all the new packages, and installed them successfully. However, when I rebooted the laptop to see the fully refreshed OS, it no longer worked. It booted, it went through all the bootup messages but in the end there was no login screen. There was black terminal with a single cursor blinking in the middle. Hitting the power button caused the OS to gracefully shutdown.

It looks like the upgrades negatively affect either the login page or the X server generally. This happened several times. Is the rolling release no longer supported? Is there another process to bring it up to the current state of the admittedly beta FreeBSD 13? Here’s the URL the upgrades came from: ( big file listing )

Though I won’t likely be of good direct help, people who could help more would likely benefit by knowing more about the hardware (graphics in particular) and if an xorg log could be posted.