Possibly install aplication offline on freebsd? (nomadBSD)?

Tell me, is it possible to install programs without the Internet? (just now, i dont have wifi on nomad-bsd)
give an example of how it should look like? instruction set
I have experience with linux systems, in particular arch linux there it works simply:

  1. download the program and dependencies from any device
  2. then transfer these files to your operating system
  3. in the terminal, tell me where your program and dependencies for it lie, and run the command:
    sudo pacman -U *.packageExtenshion
  • profit.

Is it possible to do this on bsd?
Can anyone tell me briefly how to do this?
I have no idea at all - where can I download the program, what resolution should it have, what commands?

  • can someone explain “how what?”

and, well, I also wanted to ask if there are portable programs for bsd?
for Linux, there are programs like - .AppImage - they contain all the dependencies in advance, and do not require anything to be installed, you can immediately run them, the program is completely portable!

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of developers frequenting this forum. Since your questions are more related to FreeBSD than NomadBSD, I would recommend you post your questions on the forums on FreeBSD.org. Make sure you do your due-diligence beforehand, though. They get a little snipey if you post questions without doing your own homework first.

The procedure for downloading and installing apps in Linux offline may be appropriate for FreeBSD, too. Unfortunately, I don’t know where pkg stores all the
metadata files, so you have to do your own little (Google) research. Typically, pkg installes user-requested apps inside /usr/ whilst system-relevant programs reside in their respective folders in the rootfs. Unfortunately, AppImages aren’t a thing on FreeBSD, for now, so your best bet is the native package/port system, but support for AppImages are under way.