Other hints for NomadBSD 1.4 on virtualbox?

Have attempted to follow instructions at https://nomadbsd.org/handbook/handbook.html#vbox several times to install NomadBSD v1.4 as a virtual guest machine on Virtualbox v6.1.x and am still seeing similar problems/“challenges” to successfully getting a working desktop environment.
To wit,

  • have downloaded the appropriate NomadBSD 1.4 (amd64) lzma Image, SHA256 Checksum (lzma), and SHA256 Checksum (image) from the appropriate mirror at the NomadBSD Download site
  • after successfully downloading the amd64 lzma Image, then successfully ran its SHA256 checksum w/o any detected problems
  • then proceeded to decompress the lzma image into the 4.7GB nomadbsd-1.4.img image according to the NomadBSD Download link instructions and successfully ran its SHA256 checksum w/o any detected problem before copying the image to nomadbsd-1.4.img.orig and nomadbsd-1.4.img{1…4} – to save original in its unaltered state as a .orig file plus 4 separate space-consuming :grimacing: copies
  • then performed the truncate -s +4G nomadbsd-x.y.z.img steps from the NomadBSD Handbook’s VBox section on nomad-1.4.img1 and nomad-1.4.img2 as “+4G” and “+6G” respectively before creating their respective vmdk files through the recommended syntax VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename ~/nomadbsd.vmdk -rawdisk /full/path/to/nomadbsd-x.y.z.img
  • for good measure, even duplicated the exact 3203MB Memory size VBox settings for each created nomadbsd#.vmdk as shown in the screenshot from the NomadBSD handbook’s Vbox section

Each time the newly-created NomadBSD-1.4 vmdk’s were launched w/in the VBox host, the setup steps successfully ran and then upon subsequent reboot, they froze at varying stages of booting the NomadBSD 1.4 desktop :confused: and :confounded:
Before duplicating the NomadBSD VBox installs and then duplicating the errors for this forum thread, are there other hints to tryout here?
E.g., possibly applying the FreeBSD handbook steps explicitly listed at https://docs.freebsd.org/en/books/handbook/virtualization/#virtualization-guest-virtualbox ??

Grateful for further assistance here :smiley:

Hi @roncobsd,

the handbook on our website was not updated yet. see the instructions here

I hope that helps.