Option to save the persistent stuff only at system shutdown


First, a big thank-you to the NomadBSD devs for creating it. Persistent Live USB + BSD… awesome!

I am a long time user of Persistent Live USB of MX Linux. It has multiple persistence options. One of the options is “persistent_root”. This option will keep the changes in RAM as long as the system is running and write to the persistence storage on the USB only when shutting down. This make the live system really responsive.

On all the persistent live USB Operating Systems I have tried, including NomadBSD, I get random pauses (like 1-2 second pauses) in between. I suspect this is where the OS is writing the changes to the USB flash drive. The option explained above gets around this by not writing to the USB till shutdown.

Is it possible to get something like this in NomadBSD?

Thanks again!

  • Shank

PS: the different persistence options provided in MX/Antix are explained here