OpenGL support?

I downloaded NomadBSD and managed to run it on my PC with a Radeon RX 570, also thanks to the special instructions for ATI/AMD in the handbooklet.
One thing that still does not work, however, is OpenGL support. I downloaded mesa-demos, and glxgears quits immediately, saying that i can’t find a double-buffered visual.
Xorg logs say that the file is missing, and, indeed, the file it tries to load is a broken symbolic link.
How to make OpenGL work with such a graphics card? Is there a version of for it?

Hi @fab,

you found a bug as it seems. Get the fixed initgfx rc-script as follows:

# cd /etc/rc.d/
# fetch

Then rm -f /var/ to force re-detection of the graphics card, and reboot.

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