One thing still not working correctly

I downloaded and installed NomadBSD1.4 RC1 to a flash drive. This is the second time I’ve tried out the persistent USB (the other time being 1.3.2) and both times they’ve worked pretty darned good.

If I remember correct, on 1.3.2 the Octopkg thing kept giving me a little bit of trouble. That seems to have been fixed in this latest RC.

The one thing that still remains, the one thing that’s keeping me from using this OS all the time, is that no matter what I’ve tried per instructions/suggestions etc, I cannot read any of my reiserfs Linux drives. I have two drives in my system that I use, one an HDD, the other an SDD. The hdd is Slackware 14.1 x86_32, the other is the sdd with Slackware 14.2 x86_64. Both have all the partitions formatted as reiserfs, and unfortunately NomadBSD just can’t see them…at all.

after google’ing a bit it seems you are right.
FreeBSD lost the ability to mount reiserfs through a pkg/fuse module some years ago… (around FreeBSD version 10.x)

ReiserFS is dead. Its main development Distribution SLES switched the default filesystem to BTRFS some time ago.

I honestly couldn’t care less about SLES. They sold out several years ago and are nothing but M$ lackeys now.

It’s just a shame to abandon something that works, and works well, and is not completely abandoned, as it still has independent dev’s always working on it, even Linus likes reiserFS, and I’d bet all I own he’s got the smarts over either you or I, heh heh.

Oh well, I guess the BSD’s are going to ‘follow the easy path’ also, as Linux seems to be doing. A shame really.

But you’re still sitting in front of a computer instead of a typewriter :upside_down_face: - it worked well too, didn’t it :wink:
If you want that FS back, I’m afraid you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself :scream: shooting in all directions :cowboy_hat_face: with negativity won’t help you…

I myself miss PC-BSD, but I don’t visit other BSD and linux forums to vent my frustrations about it - that won’t bring PC-BSD back or make me any friends…

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No, typewriters did NOT work well…they got the job done, but only idiots and those who can’t beat the nostalgia out of themselves liked them.

“Negativity”? It’s called criticism. Learn the difference and quit carrying your feewings on your shoulder.

I don’t care what you miss. I tried THIS particular BSD distro because I am greatly interested in moving to BSD from Linux, as I see 99% of Linux/Linux distro’s going in a direction I do not care for.

Since I tried THIS BSD, I’ll vent my frustrations and they were also my ‘wishes’ about it not working as I had hoped and that was NOT told4 or could read about anywhere that a certain FS isn’t going to be able to be read by this BSD. Are you now going to try to tell me I shouldn’t express anything to the maintainers of this BSD except sweet nothings and only goody-goody feewings of the only parts that worked? How do you think they learn what is and isn’t working for the masses that want to use it? GUESS about it all?

Again, learn the difference. Now, go away and be a cockroach to someone else and their kitchen. I got the answer I needed a month ago. All you’re doing is dredging up old posts that now someone else has to wonder why they read it when it showed something new posted in this thread and didn’t need to be by you. Hope you’re happy about that.

You missed the info in my first post:
It is not only “this BSD”,
NO FreeBSD - vanilla or other distribution can mount ReiserFS.
OpenBSD doesn’t either. Your only very slim hope is a NetBSD

The gist of my last post:
When that engaged/invested in reiserfs, do the legwork yourself and see the change you wish for.

No, you are completely missing the gist of my first reply to you…that reiserfs has worked just fine for (so far as I know that I’ve been using Linux and ONLY that fs on my systems) 21 years. If that’s not good enough to have an OS recognize it, then it’s not an OS I need to put my interest in anymore. Simple.


I kind of feel your pain - reiserfs has served me well, especially on live-usb’s. But of course I’m not naive, and am well aware of the moral judgements placed upon the filesystem, which seems to stop and derail any technical discussions. So we’ll stop here.

One solution might be to look into another well-known live-usb/cd distribution : KNOPPIX - which fully supports reiserfs. The latest public release is 9.1

Since I’m in the US, I tend to use the Sonic mirror.

After flirting with systemd for a few years, Klaus has gone back to his customized scripts, and as of the latest 9.1, even uses Busybox init!

And he’s back to providing both CD and DVD sized iso’s.

Lurkers: Knoppix is a custom mix of stable, testing, and experimental - if you do wholesale update/upgrades, you will break the system. Small stuff ok, but you apt update / upgrade wholesale, you’ll be in tears. :slight_smile:

Apparently, his students still yank live-media out when they are not supposed to, or initiate a shutdown and yank media out immediately afterwards - so he still finds Reiserfs very useful for recovery.

Anyway, thought I’d throw this out as a possible quick solution especially for live-media usb stick fans that need reiserfs support.

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