One thing still not working correctly

I downloaded and installed NomadBSD1.4 RC1 to a flash drive. This is the second time I’ve tried out the persistent USB (the other time being 1.3.2) and both times they’ve worked pretty darned good.

If I remember correct, on 1.3.2 the Octopkg thing kept giving me a little bit of trouble. That seems to have been fixed in this latest RC.

The one thing that still remains, the one thing that’s keeping me from using this OS all the time, is that no matter what I’ve tried per instructions/suggestions etc, I cannot read any of my reiserfs Linux drives. I have two drives in my system that I use, one an HDD, the other an SDD. The hdd is Slackware 14.1 x86_32, the other is the sdd with Slackware 14.2 x86_64. Both have all the partitions formatted as reiserfs, and unfortunately NomadBSD just can’t see them…at all.

after google’ing a bit it seems you are right.
FreeBSD lost the ability to mount reiserfs through a pkg/fuse module some years ago… (around FreeBSD version 10.x)

ReiserFS is dead. Its main development Distribution SLES switched the default filesystem to BTRFS some time ago.