nomadBSD install on HDD

How can I install nomadbsd to my laptop?
I have found that nomabsd is installed on the computer!
But I want to split the hard drive! How to do it

Thank you everyone support!

Hi Franklin,

you can’t install NomadBSD to a partition (at least not from the NomadBSD installer), only to an entire HDD/SSD.

ya,I have tried
thank you for your reply

Hi mk1
why can’t install to a partition?
Is there any other way to solve it

BSD uses diffferent concepts of disk geometry than Linux and other OSes, so it cannot normally be installed on the same disk. The closest you can get is to run within a virtual machine on a different OS but not in a multiboot configuration.

I use root account login
error message “fail executing command”
I have changed root password!

question 2
My BD-rom can play music!but,can’t play BD?

Thank you for your support
please help

Because there is no X session defined for root, and there is no good reason to do so. If you need root for a task, use su (or the graphical frontend DSBSu), sudo.

Thank you for your help