NomadBSD 1.4-RC1 crashes and break usb filesystem

I wanted to give NomadBSD a spin as I am having some problem in FreeBSD. I downloaded the image, put it on the usb and rebooted. It boots beautifully until it loads the firmware for my Vega 64, after that the screens go black and it reboots. Once it’s booting from the stick again it says the filesystem was not unmounted properly and throws me to a single user shell. I am just curious if this is because my Vega 64 is not supported or something else? I tried with several different usb sticks created on 3 different computers. Always the same.

Hi @cmk,

we are using drm-fbsd12.0-kmod-4.16 which probably doesn’t (fully) support Vega 64, and I suppose this is the reason for the kernel panic. Until we switch to FreeBSD 13, you can use the SCFB driver (no acceleration). We could add a boot menu option to disable graphics driver detection, and use the fallback drivers (VESA or SCFB) for cases like this.

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Thank you for replying. I think a boot menu option for it would be very helpful. As it seems right now, the card isn’t fully working in Freebsd 13.0 either so I will need to go back to linux for a while, but NomadBSD seems really interesting so I will keep it on a usb stick as my live stick for other machines.