*nix 101

Can you recover a deleted user account?

HP computer, installed on internal HD.

I created an additional user account but that won’t log in. Password is correct but it basically says no.

I’ve tried to login as su but that won’t work either.

I deleted (stop laughing at the back) the original account. No major dramas, I can install again, lesson learned, but can I recover it somehow or boot as su?

Is the user’s home directory still there? If so, you can re-create the user with UID and GID 1001 (default first user ID) and you’re done.

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Second question, how do I boot to the command line? I just get the login page with the pretty pictures

You can reach the first virtual console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1. From there you can switch to other virtual consoles with Alt+Fn (n = 2, 3, …, 9 = X-Display).

Thanks for the help, somethings there…
There lots of
/ proc 30
/ proc 29 etc

A few lines simlar to this

find: /var/db/ freebsd-update: Permission denied

And then quite a few lines similar to this
find: /home/username/.config/programe name : Permission denied

So the ‘username’ is the deleted acount

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