I love it except for the name

Proposal for a cool name for this or another BSD:
BeSaD (-os) = kiss or kissed in Spanish (Spain).

I think NomadBSD fits. You can wander from computer to computer, like a nomad, using your persistent USB operating system.

NomadBSD is based on FreeBSD, which is an operating system complete within itself. Linux is really GNU/Linux. The kernel originates from a different source than the userland.


The only freebsd distro that works out of the box. In my samsung lcd with amd graphics looks as good as macos. The picture is brilliant and videos in mpv and vlc are so vivid. It is far from being completed but this can be done over time.


I agree that NomadBSD works very well. While “besar” means To Kiss in Spanish, most people will read your suggestion as Be Sad in English. Personally, I think the logo could use improvement. I’ll see if I can dig up something that I can suggest as a replacement.

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Compared to other names and companies changing the name in the middle of a release. I don’t think the name really matters as they are all pretty bad. You have GhostBSD, MidnightBSD, TrueOS, PC-BSD, only one that did make sense to me was PCBSD but then someone got upset and had to change it. I never looked at the name i just saw a nifty project and I saw it had more potential than GhostBSD or Midnight and decided to mirror it. Sadly we live in a world where people judge the name and or logo basically why we have such an ugly FreeBSD logo now instead of the cute charlie cartoon. Not sure how a devil in converse shoes poses any real threat but ok. And the fact that we deal and accept that is as well. These dumb issues are partly why I used to maintain over 300+ FreeBSD ports, avid user of Kvirc, HPLIP before that we had ridiculously old HPLIP and Kvirc versions, and others and have submitted over 700+ PR’s to the point I just go “f’ it”. Just enjoy the work that is put in and stop worrying about something as irrelevant as a name.


On point here. There’s no need to tinker with neither the name nor the logo. Migrating from computer to computer…nomad makes sense. The logo? Makes sense… the head-garment evokes a well-known nomadic group encountered in in North Africa and the Near/Middle-East…resilient and robust…as is BSD. (UNIX, live free or die)

Yes, PC-BSD was a high-point. Someone decided to explode all that good about. We ended up with TrueOS…,then no OS.