How do I go online?

It says I should use the wifi manager, it says i didn’t cinfigure /etc/rc.config … i opened it and its a text file. What do I do now?

Also what is the GUI of NomadBSD? its by far the most pleasant looking and most stable of all tthe GNOMES, KDEs, and others. Feels intact with the system and better than Windows GUI

It seems like your wireless card is not recognized. Can you show us the output of sysctl net.wlan.devices?

it says
"net.wlan.devices: "

nothing after the :

Then your wireless network card is not supported, sorry. Do you know what type it is?

I don’t, but if you think this will help in your development I can find out.

I figured most drivers and hardware support are bundled now, so for example you can take all driver support from Ubuntu and just add it to FreeBSD and it will work. I think this how it works, I am not sure, I am no programmer.

Ubuntu uses the Linux kernel which offers other drivers than FreeBSD does. If you can find out which network card you have it could maybe help us.