Firefox Tab Crash

Environment: nomadBSD 1.3.2, Firefox 68.10.0esr (32-bit)

On multiple sites I get the following error message:

Gah. Your tab just crashed.
We can help!

Choose Restore This Tab to reload the page.

Sounds like a great question to pose to the FireFox support site. But before browsing to mozilla’s firefox support forum, you may want to update your Nomad FreeBSD system to the latest release of firefox-esr. As of 10/22/2020 that is firefox-esr-78.4.0,1

I’ve noticed some instability with firefox-esr on some websites which had to do with firefox’s U-blockorigin plug-in/add-on. The instability became such a problem that I had to un-install firefox-esr after backing up my bookmarks, and delete my home directory’s ~/.mozilla folder (contains profile info and etc), then run a ‘pkg upgrade’ to update my Nomad system’s packages. After the nearly 900 MB upgrade/download, an install of firefox-esr pulled in the latest version.

If you’re an avid user of Xsane, you may want to ‘pkg lock xsane sane-backends’ before issuing the ‘pkg upgrade’ command. I’ve discovered that versions later than sane-backends-1.0.29 (what Nomad 1.3.2 ships with) are broken for my HP Scanjet 5370C flatbed scanner. There are other considerations worth looking into before doing a full packages upgrade, as per the Nomad handbook documentation.

@byronc thanks for the tip. Not familiar with the steps to do a ‘pkg upgrade’ will have to learn how to do that.

Upgrading installed packages is as easy as, for example, bringing up the Sakura terminal, and enter the command:

sudo pkg upgrade

and obviously press the Enter (return) keyboard key (for the Newbies out there reading this:o)

While it’s upgrading some helpful reading will be found at:

starting with section 4.4.4

If during the pkg upgrade process a package “version” conflict results, and the upgrade halts because a new package version conflicts with an already installed package (it happens from time to time) issue the commands:

sudo pkg delete name_of_the_conflicting_old_installed_package
sudo pkg upgrade

and the upgrade process will continue where it left off. HTH!